remote jamming2What is Jam Locking or Lock Blocking?

Thieves have found a way of jamming the signal that your car remote gives off when you are locking your vehicle  (carjam) . This signal prevents your remotes signal from locking your vehicle. You then walk away believing your car is locked and the contents safe, when in fact you could be very wrong.

To beat would-be car thieves at their own game every driver needs to develop the habit of physically testing the door handle of their vehicle before walking away. You can no longer trust the flash of lights or sounds that indicate your vehicle is secure.

After jamming your remote, thieves gain access to your vehicle to steal laptops, backpacks, wallets, sunglasses and shopping (or the keys to your house or office – but that’s another story).

“The insurance problem ’lock-blocker’ thieves present is that most all risks insurance only covers items stolen from a car if there are visible signs of forced entry,” warns Hollard Claims Manager Steve Bennett.

“So don’t leave anything visible and lock everything in the boot or the cubbyhole. A thief is less likely to bother with your car if there is nothing of value in sight. However, if your vehicle offers access to the boot from the inside and the thieves see you stash your laptop, handbag or briefcase in the boot, no amount of boot locking will help.”

There are devices supplied by Kingdom Electronics  that one could buy that alerts you if your remote signal has been jammed. 

Please ensure your car is LOCKED before walking away as theft from your JAMLOCKED vehicle is excluded from your insurance cover. If you have any queries, please contact your insurance consultant. Be alert and don’t make it easy for these remote-control thieves.

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