A POLICE car chase ended in two arrests, Linden police spokesperson Carol Mulamu said.
Page 2, randburg Sun, weekending 14 February, 2014

The Linden prolice received a complaint about suspicious vehicle driving in Linden on 30 January at 8am.  On arrival the police spotted the sdescribed vehicle in 7th Street.  The suspects noticed the police were approaching and sped off.  A chase ensued to the corner of 10th street and 4 Avenue where the sustpects where apprehended.  Police searched the suspects and the blue Volkswagen Polo and found six vehicle jamming devices, four cellphones, a sharpened allen-key and a pair of pliers.

The suspects’ vehicle registration number did not match the licence disc and the VIN number on the engine, but tested negative for a stolen vehicle.

The two suspects aged 34 and 47 were arrested and taken to the Linden Police Station.  They will soon appear in the Newlands Magistrate’s Court.  The police expect to make more arrests.