About Us

Our History

Established in 1991, KE has designed and developed niche market products to fill the gaps in the security industry. Remote jamming is no different and KE is still the only company that can provide a range of detection products.

Our Vision

Crime will always be around, we believe it is possible to make it more difficult for criminals to get their way. All our products are simple to install and manage with excellent benefits. A complete cost effective solution for all.

Our Future

KE continues to develop new products and we have branched out into fire and vehicle management systems in a huge way. The future is still bright and we will continue to offer unique ‘products that work’.

Why choose us


Serious Savings

Complete cost effective solutions available. 27 years in the security industry.


Simple Operation

Locally designed and manufactured. Easy to install and use range of Jamming equipment.


Easy Process

Immediate notification of potential jamming. Local and off site notices available.