SANDTON – Vehicle owners, shopping centres and parking garages can use car-jamming detectors to foil car theft.jamguard

Use of remote jamming devices to block signals from car remote keys had increased in the northern suburbs, according to Sandton and Bramley police station statistics.

In response, the security industry had developed anti-jamming car security alarms, as vehicle-fitted or portable patrol units.  Car-jamming alarms could not guarantee arrest. In terms of the law, car thieves must be caught in the act to ensure prosecution.  Possession of a jamming device is not an offence, since ordinary remotes could be adapted for this criminal purpose.

Police said plain-clothed detectives or security officers could patrol parking lots with silent anti-jamming alarms to find car thieves at work, and then arrest them in the act.

Kingdom Electronics in Randburg is one of the suppliers of the new car security devices. Anti-jamming alarms include a strobe light and siren.

JamGuard, a model for private vehicles, is plugged into a cigarette lighter port and detects jamming within 50 meters while the electronic remote key is activated.
Superplex is a car-jamming area alarm unit.

This model is already in use at some shopping centres in Sandton. It is a portable device for security guards on patrol, with a range of 100 meters.  The unit beeps and vibrates when it detects electronic remote key jamming, and logs jamming incidents by date and time.

Sandton police spokesman Captain Kym Cloete said, “We’re obviously in favour of anything that helps in the fight against crime.  “We’re concerned that people are distracted by shopping and may let their guard down.”

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