Criminals can jam your home security alarm system. HomeGuard detects their activities . . .

SAIDSA (The South African Intruder Detection Services Association) has issued a warning that there is an increasing crime trend whereby criminals are now gaining access to homes by simply blocking the wireless home alarm signal [Hi-Tech Security Solutions, Vol 20, Jan 2014].

HomeGuard is designed to detect whether criminals are attempting to block/jam your home alarm or outdoor beams.


  • Homeowners are immediately alerted to potential intruders and subsequent theft.
  • HomeGuard has a built in beeper and may be connected to a siren and red flashing LED’s.
  • You are able to connect the HomeGuard to your home alarm system.
  • Real cost effective solution.

Watch this video to see how remote jamming can prevent your home alarm system from working

Remote jamming of a home alarm system