breaking in
While switching to wireless security systems such as alarms and outside beams seems to be the popular choice these days, its seems criminals also approve this option. Jamming wireless security devices is not only possible, but it is becoming a favourite among the criminal element.

Criminals activate a jammer and the signal from the alarm is unable to reach a receiver and set off the alarm or raise an alert at a security company. This leaves the criminals free to break in without the danger of armed response or the police turning up. [Hi Tech Security Solutions; February 2014]


This is our where product, the HomeGuard, comes in…..

HomeGuard detects the jamming signal and alerts the home and business owner that their wireless alarm system or beams are being jammed. It is important to note that the HomeGuard does not prevent your wireless system from being jammed, it merely warns and alerts you that the jamming is taking place.

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Due to the increased risk of your whole security system being disabled by wireless jammers, Kingdom Electronics recommends the following:
*Be aware of the risks and benefits of wireless security systems.
*Try to install a combination of both wired and wireless security.
* Install a HomeGuard to alert you to any potential jamming.
* Do not only use the 433MHz wireless spectrum in your security system but try making use of the 868MHz frequency as well.