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There has been a sharp increase in motor theft and theft of valuables from vehicles due to remote jamming. This recent trend of jamming the remote locking of cars is very common. When a person leaves their car, criminals activate their jammers which prevent the person’s remote signal from reaching their car and locking the doors. As the individual walks away, thinking their car is locked, the thieves have easy access to the vehicle to steal laptops, backpacks, wallets, sunglasses and luggage.

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The MallGuard is perfect for petrol filling stations and small shopping centre car parks.  It is able to detect the thieves’ jamming signal and set off an alarm. It is a fixed unit that can be attached to either a wall or pole. The MallGuard has a loud siren and a red flashing strobe light to alert security personnel of potential car jamming and subsequent theft. Detection range will depend on the jamming device being used but on average the units detect up to 200 m. Please note that our devices do not prevent the jamming signal – they just detect it and set off an alarm to warn you!


Shopping centres that have installed these units have reported a decreased rate in theft via remote jamming.